Swimming Trout Pottery Vase by Hashizume Masahide Width:400mm


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Late 1900's



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Swimming Trout Pottery Vase by Hashizume Masahide

In good condition.  The size is D:400mm x W:400mm x H:370mm and the Weight:10.500Kgs

Hashizume Masahide was born in Nagano Prefecture in 1959, and graduated advanced studies at the Tokyo University of Arts in 1985.  That same year he was first accepted into the Nihon Dento Kogei Shinsaku-ten Modern New Crafts Exhibition.  The following year he entered the studio of Living National Treasure Fujimoto Yoshimichi, where he would stay for 7 years. He would then establish his own kiln in Ome-city in 1993.  He takes inspiration from the natural world around his home on the mountainous edge of the Kanto Plain.  Since his debut, he has been selected for show with the Nihon Dento Kogeiten National Crafts Exhibition, Asahi Togeiten Ceramics Exhibition, Modern Tea Ceramics Exhibition (Gendai Chato-ten) among others.