Ikebana Exhibition

August 6, 2017 No Comments

Ikebana Exhibition 023_1067x606 Ikebana Exhibition 005_1067x711 Ikebana Exhibition 030_1067x670 Ikebana Exhibition 022_1067x711 Ikebana Exhibition 006_1067x711Edo Arts is hosting the Ohara School of Ikebana the Sydney Chapter and Hanatsubaki students of sensei Kuniko Nakano Ikebana Exhibition. It was officially opened by the Consul-General of Japan Keizo Takewaka who gave a brilliant speech followed by myself. I talked about how over the last 20 years and how special it has been that this lovely group of ladies have treated us to many fantastic arrangements that have always added the magic finishing touches to our Exhibitions. We had a very good response with many people attending from all over Sydney. Kuniko gave a short talk and gave a flower arranging demonstration that featured three different Camillias. Jane McGown our MC did a fantastic job and gave an informative talk on how Ohara Ikebana started after the bombing of Japan.

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